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Discover and Enjoy our delicious bowls and wraps. Always Fresh and Healthy…


  • Fala-Hu

    Lettuce, quinoa, falafel, hummus, feta, curry carrots, cucumber, mint, raisins with lemon olive oil

  • Gravlax

    Lettuce, quinoa, salmon, grilled broccoli, beetroots, mozzarella, walnuts and honey mustard dressing.

  • Make your own bowl

    Create your perfect bowl with our ‘Make Your Own Bowl’ kit. Customize your meal with fresh ingredients, from veggies to protein and sauces, for a unique and delicious dining experience.

  • Poké Bowl

    Rice, salmon, avocado, mango, wakame, edamame, soy sprouts, spring onions, gomasio, miso-ponzu dressing

  • Super Caesar

    Lettuce, Chicken, Avocado, Parmesan, Egg, Tomatoes, Croutons, Parsley, Caesar dressing

  • Thaï Crunch

    Rice, chicken, cucumber, soy sprouts, cabbage, carrots, roasted cashew, coriander with Thaï dressing



  • Ba’m

    Wrap, lettuce, bacon, apple, goat cheese, sweet potatoes, spring onions, sunflower seeds with honey mustard dressing.

  • Chi•Pic

    Wrap, lettuce, chicken, parmesan, avocado, pickled onion.

  • Chi•Tay

    Wrap, lettuce, chicken, carrots, red cabbage, soy sprouts, coriander, roasted cashew with thaï dressing

  • Omega 3

    Wrap, lettuce, salmon, grilled broccoli, beetroots, mozzarella, and honey mustard dressing

  • Ott’o

    Wrap, lettuce, falafel, hummus, curry carrots, feta, mint, raisins with lemon olive oil